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At Living On Eton, we love our Paperblanks Journals and Diaries! We always have a steady supply throughout the year and we look forward to seeing what new designs Paperblanks releases each season. We start to stock next year's diaries around October. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and we’ll let you know when our next order is arriving!


Paperblanks Destiny, Voltaire’s Book Of Fate pencil case and journals in ultra, slim and mini.

Paperblanks Destiny, Voltaire’s Book Of Fate pencil case and journals in ultra, slim and mini.

Paperblanks come in a range of sizes. We stock mini, slim, midi, ultra and grande as well as their guest books and document folders. We have found our customers love the mini and slim for keeping in their purses or small handbags. Midi and ultra are great for larger bags or for quick notes while at your workspace. The grandes are a true statement piece. Use them for scrapbooking, as a family planner, or however your creativity wants! The guest books are a fitting addition to any wedding or party and come in a variety of beautiful, ornate designs. Their document folders are perfect for organizing those loose sheets jammed in your laptop bag or floating around your workspace.

 Mini Width: 95mm, Height: 140mm, Depth: 18mm
Slim Width: 95mm, Height: 180mm, Depth: 18mm
Midi Width: 130mm, Height: 180mm, Depth: 20mm
Ultra Width: 180mm, Height: 230mm, Depth: 20mm
Grande Width: 210mm, Height: 300mm, Depth: 20mm
Guest Book Width: 230mm, Height: 180mm, Depth: 20mm
Document Folder Width: 325mm, Height: 235mm, Depth: 5mm


Their covers are either flexis (softcover) or hardcover and we stock a variety of both formats in lined and unlined paper as well as their dot-grid planners.

Kikka Flexis Midi

Paperblanks Kikka Flexis Midi Journal

Here at Living On Eton, we’re currently using the Adina Bukhara in ultra as our communications book, Klimt’s 100th Anniversary - The Kiss in ultra for our daily todo list journal and the Esprit De Lacombe as our take everywhere mini.

Let us know what your favourites are! We love hearing feedback from our customers about what your favourite designs are and how you use them. If you don’t see your favourite in our online store let us know and we can order it in for you.